سری ماژول های شرکت B&R با درجه حفاظت IP20 و IP67 و پشتیبانی از fieldbus و طیف گسترده محصول یک سیستم کامل برای کار در محیط هایی با شرایط سخت زیست محیطی به حساب می آید. این سیستم ها که با کدهای سری X20 و X67 و XV و سیستم های I/O شناخته می شوند، با استاندارد بالا و کاهش سیم کشی و کاهش هزینه ، توان نظارت دقیق بر خطوط را دارند.

ماژول های سری X20 بسیار جمع و جور که طیف گسترده ای از ماژول ها را فراهم می کند و با توجه به این قابلیت در سیم کشی و سرویس بسیار کارآمد می باشند. در سری X67 یک سیستم با حفاظت بالا را داریم و این ماژول ها براحتی می توانند با سری X20 ترکیب شده و مورد استفاده قرارگیرند. در کنار این دو سری ماژول های سری XV که می توانند ارتباط آسان و کم هزینه را برای شیرها برقرار کنند و در دسته ی بعدی ماژول های شبکه که مربوط به شبکه های CAN bus و X2X Link هستند .
I/O systems Description
X20 System


3 x 1 = One
Three basic elements result in one module: terminal block – electronic module – bus module.
This modularity results in a system that combines the advantages of both rack and I/O slice systems:

Prewiring without the module
Hot pluggable electronics
Extra bus slots for added options
The X20 system delivers 50% more component density, perfected connection technology and optimal granularity.

Added value
12 channels with a width of 12.5 mm allow a component density never before achieved with optimal terminal ergonomics. As a result, the X20 System offers 50% more channels than conventional slice systems. And this without sacrificing terminal connections.

Consistent implementation of 1-wire, 2-wire or 3-wire connections – no additional jumper terminals needed.

One channel and two channel modules: Maximum flexibility so you only have to pay for what you really need.

Coated X20 systems


Protected against harsh environmental conditions – Coated X20 system
With the X20c series, B&R is setting new standards for protection against harsh environmental conditions. These variants of the modular X20 distributed controller and I/O product line are protected against condensation and corrosive gases by a coating on the electronics module. These modules are even suitable for use in adverse atmospheric conditions.

The coating on the electronics module protects the components and circuit board from the effects of condensation and corrosive gases. The effectiveness of protection against condensation is checked using the test specified in BMW GS 95011-4, and protection against corrosive gases using the 4-part corrosive gas tests specified in EN 60068-2-60, test method 4. The tests are completed both in the company testing lab, which is accredited in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007, and at certified external testing facilities. There, the products undergo further testing to check their durability – even beyond standard requirements.

Independent of operating conditions
The X20 family with coated circuit boards is completely compatible with existing X20 models with respect to functionality. Using a unique module ID, the application software can differentiate these devices from standard models. With the introduction of this line, B&R has proven for the third time in rapid succession – after the general expansion of the operating temperature range to -25 to +60°C and certification for maritime applications from Germanischer Lloyd (GL) – that they are dedicated to increasing their customers’ return on investment by increasing the service life of the X20 system regardless of environmental conditions.

X67 System

Remote I/O Remote I/O with IP67 protection
Mount, connect and you’re ready to go. This is the new dimension for remote I/O mounted directly on the machine. Its credit card size design allows for mounting in the smallest areas. No space whatsoever is required in the control cabinet. IP67 protection withstands the harshest environments. As fast as a centralized solution. Connections are made using open fieldbus systems.
XV System

valve connections Space-saving peripheral connections
The direct connection of pneumatic valves from different manufacturers opens up the possibility of using components perfectly tailored to the application at hand.
Compact I/O System

I/O with CAN bus Space-saving peripheral connections
Compact design and flexible networking for distributed I/O connections in the control cabinet. Signals ranging from simple digital inputs to complex SSI encoders can be handled for any application using custom components.
I/O with X2X Link




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